圧倒的なテクニックをもって全身全霊でリズムを刻む姿は自身のバンド、RIZE のサウンドの要。
2009 年よりソロ活動も始動しこれまでに 3 枚のアルバムを発表。音楽、映像、照明を駆使し総合芸術として表現するライブは高い評価を受ける。
俳優としても話題の映画やドラマ、CM に出演し 際立った存在感で魅了。

Nobuaki Kaneko
Musician / Actor

Member (Drummer) of a rock band RIZE.
“Reality of Rock, updated” performed with full of emotions and techniques, attracting the audience and listeners to their one and only world of music.
Has been successfully shown the skills around the U.S tour and many countries in Asia. Highly rated all over and around the world.
With genuine technique and skills, been the cover shot for “Drum Magazine” in 2002 and was the youngest drummer to be the cover of that magazine.
In 2005, he has been honored to be the icon for the Pearl Drums well as Chad Smith from Red Hot Chili Peppers and Joey from Slipknot. Following them, was the first Japanese artist to be in that position.
In 2009, started his career as solo artist.Completely a new world has been created in the music scene, combining the top level computer sound and reality of skilled drum,
could be said it is possible only by artist Nobuaki Kaneko. Although he is an drummer, his range of music is borderless. dance track to solid guitar rock.
Performed and experienced by and of Solo artist, “Nobuaki Kaneko”.
Music, visual works, lightings come together as one creative performing art. Showing his talent as an actor as well, many known movies, TV drama series, commercials.



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